13 octubre 2010


These are the rules of the third Music Video Contest organized by the Cocoroko Rock Blog:

1. This contest is opened to any national or international band.

2. Music genre: Any, though preferably Pop, Rock, Heavy metal, Disco, Techno, Hip-hop …

3. Each band or soloist will be able to participate in this contest with just one music video, which must be uploaded to an accessible web page, allowing anyone in the world to watch it. Contestants will send a link to his video to the organization by any of these ways: a comment in Cocoroko Rock Blog or Facebook, or an e-mail to this account: cocorokorock@gmail.com. We only understand English and Spanish.

4. Music videos will count with the permission of the song writers. There won´t be allowed home videos covering your favourite band song. The songs will be original (music and lyrics), not covers. As long as we don´t know every song in the World, we expect you to be kind enough for not trying to play tricks on us.

5. It would be better if you don´t send to us a recording of a live performance with no post production at all. That´s not intended to be a music video for us.

4.You should give us this minimum information about you:

• Name of the band or soloist.
• Name of the song
• Country, city.
• E-mail.
• Date of the recording (No need to be recent).

5.There will be two prizes: Best song and Best Music video.

6. We will make special mention to those music videos that look specially funny, original, or that simply have an aspect that we consider unique.

7.You can send your music videos from now, until the 15th of December, 2010.

8.Winners will be exposed at the beginning of next year, 2011.

9.Jury will be composed by five people: The four members of the famous rock band Inspectore Callahan, and the Cocoroko Blog creator.

10.The Prize: Happiness of knowing you are the winner. One more year, our Budget flow away because of our thirsty jury members, who enjoy drinking cold beer.

11.Those who decide to participate in this contest, accept all those rules.

12.Music videos will be published on Cocoroko Blog and Facebook as soon as we recieve them, in order to help the bands to be known in the whole world.

13.The winners of the last two Cocoroko contests (2007 y 2009) were:
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